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Deep Connection

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  • For this first time I felt the energy from my womb move all the way up through my body.

  • I loved the openness, the talks on sex, the precise guidance and practical exercises, it helped me integrate my sexual energy into my heart and life.

  • I discovered how supportive it is to be in a group of women. You created an environment where we could open and trust and there was so much joy in laughing, sharing, dancing and creating together as a group.

  • You filled the space with so much love, joy and playfulness. You shared a lot of wisdom in a really natural way and I received lots of insights, joy, liberation and amazing female magic!

  • I feel I have reached more in this weekend than a year's therapy. Thank you so much!

  • This feels like a story of empowerment as a woman that has just started for me, I am hungry to explore more.

  • The powerful connection with other women and sharing together was a great relief – we share the same struggles and have so many gifts to give each other.

  • A wonderful workshop diving into our femininity with a lot of respect, honesty and sensitivity. I’ve been longing for this for ages without knowing that it exists!

  • I enjoyed the calm pace and depth of the workshop, your ability to work with what is just present was inspiring. I want to continue getting to know myself fully my sexuality and emotions.

  • I now understand how to love and nourish myself as a woman. Thank you.

about Roxana Hewett

Female Empowerment Visionary

I’m devoted to wholeness.

I offer a practical path using meditation
and tantric practices to deeply open up
in sex, heart and soul.
This truly illuminates life.

About Roxana Hewett

Awakening for the 21st century

Spiritual traditions offer a blazing
repertoire of methods that connect
us to ourselves, to each other and
to the world.

My work draws the gifts from spiritual traditions into our day to day concerns and challenges. This brings deep healing to the personal self and opens us up to experience profound connectedness to Life.




I was raised in England in the 1970s, my Pakistani migrant parents were strict Muslims and sex as a part of life seemed totally off the radar. It seemed to not exist at all. Yet as we all know, sex...


Feeling at home in your body brings a sense of ease, naturalness and belonging. A woman at ease in her body exudes a natural magnetism; this is the allure of the feminine, her receptivity to [...]

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